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1. Logographics rely on the first phonetic alphabet "L" from "Litong"and "Aluminum" as the design carrier, highlighting Litong specificbusiness and industry names. "L" perfectly reflects the sense ofmetal texture and vividly indicate the industry characteristics of Litong Groupwhich focus on aluminum products as its main business.

2.Logo graphics build a strong sense of space "hexagon",  with two "L" letters like the shapeof the hive reflecting the concept of home. Implicate that Litong Group buildthe perfect home for consumers with high-quality, beautiful, diverse aluminumproducts.

3.Logo graphics used "silver, blue" as the design elements. Silverembodies Litong Group's commitment to creating the core values and mission ofChina's aluminum processing industry chain; Blue color symbol as the calm,perseverance, rational, intelligent enterprise demeanor, and implicate the themeof steady development and coexistence with the nature , and also show a broadmind and lofty ideals of Litong.

4. Logographics modeling is simple, stylish, atmospheric and three-dimensional rich. Bringthe audience with the corporate visual impression of "perseverance,advancing with the times, innovation, embrace the world,"

Office: 16/F,Block A, Wenjin Plaza, 1010 Wenjin Plaza,1010 Wenjin North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China